About Us

Our practice was founded on the back of more than 30 years’ experience in industrial accounting – where the accounting principles were put into regular daily use. Increasingly it became apparent that a niche existed in the market, where there was a demand for some very down-to-earth accountancy at everyday prices.

No jargon, no waffle, no hourly rates for writing letters or discussing issues on the telephone. Just straightforward, honest, value-for-money accountancy.

Our approach is totally client-focused and we make no charge at all for an initial consultation to look at new work.

One of our strongest principles has always been to work on a fixed fee basis, where we will guarantee the total price to be charged for a job no matter what it takes. There are no hidden extras in our quotations – what we agree on is what you get billed. If we underestimate the time involved, then it is our problem and not yours – the quoted price remains firm.

Wherever possible, we aim to agree a total annual fee for each of our clients to take care of all of their accountancy and taxation needs for the whole year ahead. This total is then divided into twelve monthly instalments, which eases the cash flow and avoids the need to deal with a major bill at the year end.

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